Who can help me with a franc loan?

Despite the fact that the franc has been falling considerably recently, loans in this currency are still a burden that is difficult to get rid of. Where to find help in paying off as soon as possible?

Borrowers Support Fund


It is intended for natural persons who are in a difficult financial situation and are obliged to repay installments of a housing loan, which is a significant burden on the household budget.

“The funds in this Fund come from payments from lenders (banks), which are adjusted in proportion to the size of the portfolio of housing loans for households whose delay in repayment of capital or interest exceeds 90 days (…)” – says Bank Good Finance on its website .

What are the rules for granting support?

It is granted on the basis of an agreement between the bank and the borrower. The support is paid for a maximum period of 18 months in the amount of the principal and interest installments of the housing loan.

The monthly amount of support may not exceed PLN 1,500. The support received is returned after a period of two years. No donations or grants are granted from the fund. The only support is taking over the loan repayment. A maximum of 27,000 can be allocated to one borrower. zł.

Support may be granted if one of the conditions

  1. On the day of submitting the application for support, the borrower has the status of an unemployed person.
  2. The borrower bears the monthly cost of servicing the housing loan in an amount exceeding 60% of the monthly income of his household.
  3. The monthly income of his household, less the monthly cost of servicing the housing loan, does not exceed PLN 634 (in the case of a one-person household) and PLN 514 (in the case of a multi-person household).

The condition for receiving support is submitting the application to the bank with which the loan agreement was concluded. In the event that the application is successful, the borrower will conclude a support agreement with his crediting bank. It is concluded within 30 days from the date of submission of the application.

Free analysis of franc loan agreements

It’s worth using the free help. All the more so when it is provided by experienced lawyers and financial specialists. What are the benefits of analyzing contracts for foreign currency loans? A significant benefit for you and an important task when analyzing each loan agreement is to verify all the provisions of the agreement in terms of their abusiveness (i.e. whether they are not allowed).

Many contracts that relate to loans granted in franc or other foreign currency are often encumbered with provisions whose content is similar to those registered in the register of prohibited clauses maintained by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Thanks to the analysis, it is possible to take further steps that may allow recovery of the amount due.