Viielentra disrupts the life insurance industry by offering free scholarships worth up to $62,720 to all families who purchase life insurance


Limited time promotion – ends July 15, 2022

CLIFTON, NJ, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New digital life insurance company Viielentra recently partnered with the nation’s largest college planning and funding organization, SAGE Scholars, Inc., which allows the insurance company to offer guaranteed free scholarships to any family who purchases affordable term life insurance through the online digital platform. The partnership set Viielentra apart from its competitors by becoming the first life insurance company to help families make the cost of higher education more affordable. Families looking for life insurance can now receive more than just a quote, as Viielentra redefines what it means to protect and help families with life insurance.

CEO – Prince Singh

The unconditional scholarship works as a guaranteed scholarship for all families. The scholarship is like a frequent flyer miles program where families accumulate reward points for tuition in a rewards account. These points can then be redeemed for a discount on the cost of tuition where 1 point is equal to that of a $1 reduction in tuition fees.

“With inflation having no end in sight, the cost of tuition began to become unaffordable for families. We noticed a problem and saw an opportunity to provide a solution,” said Prince Sing, CEO of Viielentra. “The idea was to give families the opportunity to help themselves financially. As long as they keep their life insurance policy active, they will periodically earn tuition rewards points to redeem for a discount on tuition. tuition.”

Viielentra: term life insurance and guaranteed free scholarships

After purchasing a life insurance policy, families are enrolled in the scholarship program and receive an initial deposit of 500 points. Thereafter, 4500 additional points are credited after the second monthly payment. Immediately within the first 40 days, families are locked in 5000 points which can be redeemed for $5,000 tuition discount for use at over 440 member colleges.

Policyholders can then receive an additional 2,000 points per year on an annual basis while the policy is still active, as a customer retention feature.

If that wasn’t enough, Viielentra also offers other point-earning incentives, such as the referral bonus. When a policyholder refers a friend or family to purchase a life insurance policy through Viielentra, families can earn an additional 500 points for each referral.

Gone are the days of families and students writing thousands of essays competing with thousands of other students in search of the same scholarship that only one person can win.

The list of member colleges accepting the scholarship is currently over 440 private colleges that offer a variety of majors and academic career paths to students. The list of schools is expected to grow over time and Viielentra plans to roll out additional insurance products in the near future to expand its services to the senior market. But for now, Viielentra’s special launch promotion is available for all families up to July 15, 2022.

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Viielentra is a term life insurance company that offers affordable online life insurance coverage with no medical exams, no blood tests, no hassle. Viielentra offers term life insurance policies from 10 to 30 years, up to $1.5 million coverage – providing instant coverage upon approval. Find out how the guaranteed free scholarship works and get your quote in seconds when you apply online today. Learn more at: for an in-depth training guide on how to get started and what to expect. And follow Viielentra on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, TwitterLinkedIn.

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