Term life insurance in West Vancouver: security at a lower monthly cost


A perfect solution for temporary needs: term life insurance policies.

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Vancouver, BC – (ReleaseWire) – 03/11/2022 – As providers of life insurance, the team at Venture First Advisory helps people find the right policy for their needs. They offer life insurance products throughout Vancouver, including term life insurance in West Vancouver. Learn more at https://www.venturefirstadvisory.com/vancouver-life-insurance/term-life-insurance/

Term life insurance is an affordable type of life insurance that guarantees a rate for a fixed number of years. After the fixed term is over, the policy can continue, but the rate will be significantly higher. Term life insurance policies generally expire at age 85, but most policies allow conversion to permanent insurance at age 65 or 70. Term life insurance policies are best suited to the needs of a finite number of years, for example, a mortgage.

The advantage of term life insurance is that you can buy a large amount of coverage for relatively low monthly premiums. Users also lock insurability for the duration of the term, as most term insurance policies have a guaranteed conversion clause. The guaranteed conversion clause allows users to convert the term to a permanent term without needing to qualify medically.

The downside is that term life insurance policies are designed to expire during the lifetime of the user. They are not suitable for meeting permanent needs, such as capital gains on death or final expenses. In other words, these policies cover unforeseen deaths of less than the statistical standard duration.

To learn more about term life insurance in West Vancouver, contact the team at Venture First Advisory. Schedule an appointment online or call 1-855-245-8086 to get started.

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