SBI life insurance policyholders should be informed of these latest updates


New Delhi, first published Oct 31, 2021, 4:35 p.m. IST

SBI Life Insurance is currently one of the most reputable and trusted life insurance companies in India and the company continues to renew its insurance policies to provide a customer friendly experience. Recently, the company announced 4 important updates through its Twitter account, “SBI Life Cares”.

On October 27, SBI Life Cares tweeted that scammers could trick customers into revealing insurance policies and other important details. Additionally, if customers are experiencing this issue, we recommend that you report it to info @ or call the toll free number 1800 267 90 90. This means that the details of the policy are confidential. Disclose to others. People should be careful with whom they share the details of the policy.

In another tweet, SBI Life Cares revealed how clients can switch funds for SBI Life Insurance. The “Fund Switch” option allows policyholders to transfer investments between funds. Customers can also change their bonus quotas anytime, anywhere.

After logging into the SBI Customer Self-Service Portal, policyholders must select the Fund Switch option to continue trading.

SBI gives its clients the ability to access their policy fund details at their convenience. Customers simply need to log in through their self-service customer portal or make a missed call on 022 62458501. For more information, visit the official website.

SBI Lifecare also announced “Missed Call Service Facility for Real Time SBI Life Insurance Policy Information”. The policyholder must make a missed call to 022-62458501 to find out the value of the funds. Police and 022-62458504 obtain a paid certificate.

SBI has a large, efficient individual operations platform with 947 offices, 18,236 employees and approximately 143,232 agents and 60 corporate agents. It has a ubiquitous insurance channel made up of more than 27,000 alliance branches, 108 brokers and 14 partners.

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