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“Based on a pension insurance agreement between Estonia and Russia, the Estonian Social Insurance Board pays pensions from the Russian Federation to people living in Estonia after it has received the instruments other side. For reasons beyond the control of the council, the resources for the Q3 pension payments did not arrive from the Russian pension fund,” said Kati Kümnik, head of the council’s social benefits department. administration, to ERR.

“Our information suggests that Russia tried to make the payment twice but was unsuccessful,” Kümnik said, adding that she saw several ways to resolve the issue.

“The first, of course, is that Russia will settle the sums necessary for the payment of pensions. Second, people can apply for the subsistence allowance if their income or that of their household falls below the subsistence level after the expenses of Third, if a person’s Russian and Estonian pension amounts to less than the national pension rate (€275.34), the difference between the two will be compensated,” the council representative said.

The council’s data suggests that 3,330 people, or 83% of those receiving a Russian pension, also receive one from Estonia. Their average pension is €519. People who only receive a pension from Russia number 677, or 17%. The average sum is €79.

In the third quarter, Russian pensions must be paid to 4,061 people.

Estonia will not assume the pension obligation if Russia does not make the payment.

Estonian pensioners in Russia paid

The Social Insurance Fund sent its Russian counterpart a list of Estonian pensioners living in Russia and the amounts of their pensions. Estonian pensioners living in Russia received their pensions on time and Estonia kept its part of the deal.

Board advisor Ksenia Repson-Deforge told ERR that pension payments do not depend on nationality but on the number of years spent working in the other country.

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