Onesearch expands its offer with the integration of CLS Property Insight compensation


OneSearch, the UK’s largest local search data company, today announces its latest portal integration with CLS Property Insight (CLS PI), providing the best liability insurance for residential and commercial property transactions.

CLS PI is a leading provider of the data, technology and insurance services that underpin the success of a real estate transaction. The integration allows for the first time CLS PI legal indemnity policies to be ordered directly through the OneSearch ordering platform, providing a seamless experience for customers.

This now makes CLS PI’s most popular fonts available in 2021 to date (based on units sold):

  1. Lack of planning and / or construction regulations This policy protects homeowners from legal action if the local authority serves a Building Enforcement Notice to force the owner to modify or remove any work that does not comply with building regulations.
  2. Insurance research (no research, validation, delay) This insurance covers a buyer who has chosen not to complete the search for local authorities. This can be due to many factors, such as turnaround times.
  3. Restrictive commitments (known / unknown) A clause in a deed or lease that limits what the land or lease owner can do with the property. These can be extensions or renovations.
  4. Missing information (unknown rights, easements, covenants) For situations where deeds or documents relating to a single residential and / or commercial property are mentioned in the land register but have not been provided to the land register.
  5. Absence of easement (access / services) A no easement policy can provide coverage where no legal right can be established to use access to property and / or a development site.

Lidia Quinlan, Sales Manager, OneSearch Direct, comments:

“As might be expected, a growing number of homebuyers are choosing insurance without research in 2021, possibly due to the stamp duty holiday and the subsequent reaction to increased transaction times. People have been keen to take advantage of the tax savings and are willing to purchase insurance to cover the missing information. Indeed, Hackney Council said on its website: “We strongly recommend that buyers and sellers explore indemnity insurance to allow transactions to continue.”

“At OneSearch, we have always believed in the need to indemnify certain real estate transactions, because risk prevention is fundamental to our business, and we know that our clients share the same philosophy.

“Our integration with CLS PI means that customers can order policies through a highly streamlined workflow; to this end, we have also implemented CLS PI’s ‘variable statements of fact’ principle, which means that a wide range of policy types and transaction conditions can be fulfilled online without delay. “

Steve johnson, Deputy Director of Collaboration, CLS PI, comments:

“Interestingly, two of the most popular policies are for homeowners who want to change their property in some way. The DIY weekend anecdote seems to be true. CLS works in consultation with a range of providers throughout the real estate transaction to unlock data silos, strengthen automated solutions and facilitate decision making with certainty.

“We are proud to partner with OneSearch on this latest integration which allows us to further automate the legal indemnification process. We look forward to deepening our relationship and our continued collaboration to explore new tools and services at OneSearch to make life easier for freight forwarders.


Your guide to town planning and construction regulations and associated compensation

wednesday 3rd November, 11 a.m.

OneSearch Direct and CLS Property Insight are pleased to provide this informative discussion of planning and building regulations, their effect on the residential property transfer process, and the range of legal indemnity policies available to assist land use agents. transfer and their clients to advance real estate transactions.

  • Overview of the main issues and the impact on owners.
  • Case studies presenting issues that led to enforcement actions.
  • Introducing the CLS insurance solution to help you manage potential issues that may arise.

Register for this webinar here.

If you are unable to attend this date but would like to check in later, please click here.

To learn more about CLS PI products through OneSearch, please call the Service Introduction team on 01782 433 270 or email [email protected].

For more information about OneSearch, visit or call Headquarters on 0800 052 0117.


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