List of EPFO ​​forms: 6 types of forms for liquidation/withdrawal, pension, transfer or appointment – details


A pension fund organization, the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) runs three social security schemes for its members, vis-à-vis the Employees Provident Fund (EPFO), the Pension Scheme and of the insurance plan. The above schemes are governed by the EPF scheme 1952, the pension scheme 1995 (EPS) and the insurance scheme 1976 (EDLI).

Here is a list of forms that EPF members must fill out to benefit from various services:

1) Form 10C – for final settlement/withdrawal benefits/advances: Composite Application Form (Aadhaar/non-Aadhaar) Scheme Certificate.

2) Form 10D – for retirement,

3) Form 13: for the transfer of the balance of the previous account to a new account

4) Form 2: for the appointment of family members.

5) Form 11: For statement of past service.

If the account is seeded with Aadhaar, the bank account is updated, the claim can be filed online. Retirement benefits and non-refundable PF advances can be filed online.

The advantage of completing all these forms is that in the event of the death of the insured, the family can immediately benefit from FP/pension and insurance.

It is the duty of the institution or the employer to certify the claim form.

In such a case, when the claim form is not certified by the employer or the establishment, it may be certified by the manager of the bank in which the member’s savings account is held. The member can also complete the KYC by submitting a request to the relevant field office duly attested by one of the authorized field officers.

In the event of a dispute with the employer, the member may obtain a certificate from the bank manager explaining to him the reason for which he was unable to obtain the employer’s signature. The Regional FP Commissioner will pursue the matter with the employer, later if necessary.

EPFO is one of the largest social security organizations in the world in terms of clientele and volume of financial transactions carried out. At present, it manages 24.77 crore accounts (2019-20 annual report) regarding its members.


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