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DALLAS, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Life Insurance Technology Company Give today announced its partnership with Empathy, a platform that helps families overcome the emotional and logistical challenges of losing a loved one. Through this partnership, Empathy’s premium app and services are available free of charge to recipients in 20 states, providing additional levels of emotional and administrative support in the event of a loss. Beneficiaries and up to 9 friends or family members can use the Empathy app to help with many end-of-life tasks, including filing a life insurance claim, funeral planning, and writing an obituary.

Bestow builds the leading life insurance platform that delivers premium products and experiences for policyholders and their loved ones. Empathy’s platform was created to support families through all aspects of loss, offering a holistic approach to grief management by combining technology and human support. By partnering with Empathy, Bestow extends its positive impact on the life insurance experience by providing the support needed when a family is going through a loss. The Empathy app helps simplify end-of-life bureaucracy, minimize tedious tasks, and automate the processes involved in administering an estate. – while providing emotional support throughout via dedicated care managers and bereavement counselling.

“The loss of a loved one is a life-altering change, and we’re proud to introduce the Empathy app to Bestow customers,” said Ben Amstrong, chief marketing officer, grant. “With Empathy, we can provide the support needed to weather losses in addition to the financial safety net offered by life insurance. Now available in 20 states, we hope to expand this invaluable benefit provided by Empathy nationwide. “

The loss of a loved one often leaves families distressed, not only because of the loss, but also the logistical, emotional and financial challenges that follow. According to Empathy Cost of Dying Report 2022, families spend an average of 420 hours looking after their loved one’s business in the weeks and months following a disaster. Additionally, almost all families face a significant financial burden after the death of a loved one. The average total expense after the death of a loved one is $12,702, and nearly 80% of respondents said they used their own funds to cover expenses rather than relying on proceeds from a life insurance policy. Together, Giving and Empathy can help families cope with all the burdens of loss.

“We are proud to partner with Bestow, a company that understands how technology is democratizing access to essential care and services,” said Ron Gura, CEO of Empathy. “In life’s toughest times, it’s up to companies in all industries, including insurance, to go the extra mile to help families; it makes our society better. That’s why we’re proud to work with a mission-driven company like Bestow to give families time, empowering them to care for each other while leveraging technology to reduce bureaucratic burdens, whether financial, emotional or logistical.


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