Key Life Insurance Interview Questions and Answers


The only way to get a strong, secure policy is to be honest and thorough when answering questions from the insurance company.

Buying life insurance is not a difficult process, but some aspects of the process can be stressful and overwhelming. The interview questions asked when buying life insurance in certain situations, for example, can seem overwhelming or difficult to answer.

What are the most common life insurance maintenance questions and how do insurance companies expect you to answer them?

Learn more about this aspect of the life insurance application process today so that you can apply for your next life insurance policy in the clearest and easiest way possible.

Life insurance interview questions

Many people do not realize that there is life insurance interview questions and that the information collected there plays a role in the operation of life insurance. The information gathered through the interview questions helps create a profile that the insurance underwriter can assess. Questions generally come from four categories:

  • Personal identification
  • Way of life
  • Medical
  • Policy information

In today’s digital age, most insurance companies have an online portal where you can answer questions and submit the results of your medical exam. Businesses that do not have this type of online request will require you to speak to a representative and answer questions over the phone.

Key questions and answers about personal identification

These questions relate to who will be insured by the coverage. For example, a husband who purchases a policy for his wife will answer questions about his wife. If you purchase the policy for yourself, you will respond to your topic.

The questions will collect the following information:

  • Legal name and possible aliases
  • Home Address
  • Telephone numbers (home, work, cell)
  • Social security information
  • Income verification
  • Employer Information
  • Profession
  • Financial information

The best way to know how to answer these questions is to list them and prepare your answers and documentation in advance. You can scan your Social Security card, prepare your income verification documents, and prepare to provide the necessary information to the insurer.

Top Lifestyle Questions and Answers

Insurance companies base the prices and coverage offered to you on the risk you assume as the policyholder. This means that some of your lifestyle activities may affect what is on offer to you.

It is very common for insurance companies to ask questions about the following:

  • Do you smoke?
  • Do you hunt, fish or sail regularly?
  • Do you fly small planes?
  • Do you have a pilot’s license?
  • Is your job dangerous?
  • Do you or do you plan to bungee jumping?
  • Do you regularly engage in dangerous hobbies?
  • What is your driving history?

These questions and the information gathered from your answers allow the underwriter to develop a profile for you. From there, they’ll offer you rates that match their policies.

Main medical questions and answers

Most insurance companies will require you to have a medical exam, and your doctor will complete certain related documents during this exam. However, in addition to this exam, there will be several medical questions and answers that you will need to answer.

Typically, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • What type of medication are you taking? Include the dosage, frequency and why it is taken.
  • What medical questions do you have or have you ever been affected by? This is usually a long list to which you should answer “yes” or “no”.
    • If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, you will need to indicate who diagnosed you, what treatment was used, and what your current status is.
  • What interventions did you undergo and why?
  • What is your family medical history, especially in your immediate family?

These questions can be difficult to answer if you don’t have a good memory of your medical history, so it may be helpful to reference any documentation you have to answer these questions. You must answer these questions honestly and accurately for your policy to be valid.

Key Questions and Answers on Policy Information

Finally, remember that you can also ask questions about company policies, what’s covered, and anything else you need to know more about.

It’s helpful to ask what the price comparison is between different policies from the same company, and what you might want to get up front.

40 year term life insurance, for example, must be taken out earlier in life so that you can get the most out of the policy in question. In fact, it will even be cheaper if you get it earlier. If a company doesn’t immediately offer this type of policy to you, you can ask whether or not they offer a 40-year term policy.

Ask as many questions as possible during this time to make sure you get all the information you need. You should feel that you have a good understanding of what will be in your policy before signing up.

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Honesty wins the best policy

The key thing to remember when working on the interview questions you are asked is that you need to be honest. If you lie about your policy proposal and the insurance company finds out, your coverage will be revoked and you will not be reimbursed. If you die and your lies are discovered, your beneficiary will not receive any policy.

The only way to get a strong, secure policy is to be honest and thorough when answering questions from the insurance company. This will lead to an excellent political outcome in the long run.


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