Credit Card

How do I earn miles with my credit card?

Participating in the credit card loyalty program can bring good benefits, such as the exchange of points for products, discounts on leisure occasions and the purchase of airline tickets. Check out some tips on how to earn miles using the card!

Choose only one card to focus your spending

If you are already in the habit of paying bills and making purchases with a credit card, prefer to concentrate these expenses on just one card.

This helps to keep track of expenses and even makes it easier to accumulate women. The invoice detail can be a powerful ally of the organization: check it whenever you have doubts about how much you spent and with what. It is also possible to complement the control by translating the information to an expense control spreadsheet.

Use your credit card to earn miles

Remember that the conversion of expenses into points can vary from one card to another. In general, on the International and Gold cards, 1 dollar spent is equivalent to 1 mile; at Platinum, 1.5 miles or more and at the Black and Infinite level the conversion can reach up to 2.2 miles per dollar spent. This is an average and depends on the financial institution, so try to find out about it before opting for a credit card.

Always travel with the same airline or with companies belonging to the same airline alliance, that is, that allow you to earn miles in your main loyalty program. Avoid accumulating miles on different loyalty programs, as it is not possible to transfer these points between programs.

See if the card’s annuity pays off

When opting for a credit card that offers more points per transaction, you need to be aware of the amount of the annuity, which is usually more expensive in these cases. So, make sure that the loyalty program compensates for this cost. If you are going on a trip and, even though the annuity is higher, you can save a lot more on the ticket due to the excellent program of earning miles, it is a matter of considering.

Be careful when using the card to pay bills

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Paying an electricity or telephone bill with your credit card is the same as using automatic debit, that is, it is a scheduled payment. Although this transaction generates points for the loyalty program, it will be difficult to request a review if the accounts show any divergence, such as undue collection, for example.

Points have an expiration date

Many consumers stop using the points acquired in the loyalty programs due to the lack of attention to expiration dates, so it is good to pay attention to the accumulated points extract and expiration dates. Developing a control spreadsheet helps you make better use of each point earned. Otherwise, it won’t be worth it to opt for a more expensive card with more mileage benefits if, in the end, you won’t be using them!

Attention when exchanging points for airline miles

Anyone who wants to earn miles by exchanging points on the card, must take care to make reservations well in advance. This is because airlines usually book a limited amount of tickets for these promotions and, because of that, it is not easy to get tickets at the last minute.

In summary, the tip is in addition to accumulating miles there are credit cards that offer other advantages such as cheaper annuity and discounts at partner stores. Before choosing your credit card, compare options and benefits to choose the best option for you and your pocket. When in doubt about the best choice, check out the best options on the market at Good Lenders Finance!