HDFC ERGO launches the Optima Secure indemnity health insurance contract


NEW DELHI : HDFC ERGO General Insurance announced the launch of Optima Secure, a new health insurance product that seeks to redefine the value customers can get from their insurance plan.

According to HDFC ERGO, the product incorporates the “integrated benefits of securing, protecting and restoring”, which combine to provide customers with up to four times their sum insured at no additional cost, while ensuring coverage for non-risk. medical listed. expenses.

The font offers four distinct characteristics

Secure advantage: In this case, it doubles the insurance coverage instantly and automatically when taking out a contract.

Additional benefit: In this case, it automatically increases the basic coverage by 50% after one year and to 100% after two years, even in the event of a claim.

Restoration benefit: If you no longer have coverage, the policy will restore your basic coverage to 100%.

Protect the advantage: It guarantees zero deduction on consumables and non-medical expenses listed.

This is how it works

Take, for example, Mr. Sharma, a 35-year-old married businessman from Delhi. He buys an Optima Secure policy of ??10 lakh basic coverage for his family and pays a premium of ??24,279 for that. The premium is inclusive of VAT and for a floating family policy with two members aged 35 and 30.

Now with the help of secure benefits he instantly makes his ??10 lakh basic coverage at ??20 lakh at no additional cost.

With the help of the plus benefit, When renewing the plan for 1 year, the plus benefit increases its basic coverage by ??10 lakh of 50% and the second year of 100%, making it ??15 lakh and ??20 lakh respectively. The Plus Advantage and the Secure Advantage combined bring total coverage to ??30 lakh.

In addition, with the reclamation allowance, if at any time Mr. Sharma claims a partial or total claim ??Base coverage of 10 lakh, it is 100% restored making it ??30 lakh + ??10 lakh = ??Coverage of 40 lakh. In addition, during hospitalization, his non-medical expenses, which total 10 to 20% of the total amount of the invoice, are covered by the Protect guarantee.

This way, ??The basic 10 lakh coverage eventually becomes ??40 lakh. Therefore, Mr. Sharma finally gets 4X coverage after 2 years.

Ravi Vishwanath, President of Accident and Health, HDFC ERGO General Insurance, said, “Safety, Plus, Protection and Restoration benefits work together to provide clients with four times the coverage. The product offers a wide coverage of ??5 lakh to ??2 crores. Customers can access cashless services at nearly 10,000 hospitals across the country. In Optima Secure, there is a level of coverage and a level of premium available that is suitable for each individual and each family. “

The product also offers customers discounts of up to 50% (as part of the value purchase option), if they choose to pay a small amount out of pocket in the event of a claim.

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