HDFC Click2Protect life insurance policy launched for super term insurance


HDFC life insurance policy started Click2Protect: HDFC Life, one of the leading life insurers in India, has introduced the Click2Protect Super term insurance plan, which allows for customization based on your protection needs and only charges you for the benefits and plan options you select. Click2Protect is a pure, untied, non-participating, individual risk savings/premium life insurance plan.

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Click2Protect: key points

  • Click2Protect Super gives you more freedom than ever before by allowing you to change your life insurance coverage, extend your policy term, add accidental death and terminal illness coverage, and more.
  • With Click2Protect, the family is fully financially protected through the plan. Life, Life Plus and Life Goal are the three plan options from which you can select the policy that best suits your needs.
  • Click2Protect secures the future of your loved ones by providing you with life insurance for the chosen coverage period.
  • Click2Protect is a smart plan choice that includes a built-in benefit for terminal illness coverage and also gives you the option to increase the amount of coverage to protect your family’s financial security while you’re away.

Click2Protect: the main advantages of this choice include

  • With Click2Protect we would have the choice of choosing a 200% increase in the death benefit
  • Premiums are waived upon diagnosis of a critical illness
  • The choice of complementary coverage for the spouse
  • Choosing to use the smart exit option to receive a refund of the base premium paid at the time of policy cancellation.
  • Up to age 80, the accelerated death benefit is available upon diagnosis of a terminal illness.
  • Remission of the total and permanent disability premium
  • The Click2Protect option provides comprehensive lifetime protection by enhancing your accidental death and terminal illness coverage in addition to life insurance.
  • An additional payment is due in the event of death related to an accident during the term of the policy.
  • Premiums are waived upon diagnosis of a critical illness
  • The choice of complementary coverage for the spouse
  • A choice to use the smart exit option to get the base premium that was paid at the time of policy cancellation.
  • Provides accelerated death benefit to age 80 upon diagnosis of terminal illness
  • Refund of the total and permanent disability premium (via the WOP Disability option)
  • Choosing to pay death benefits in installments
  • The Click2Protect offers the flexibility to modify your life insurance for the desired duration, protecting your loved ones from liability and/or costs. This option provides maximum coverage.

HDFC: Company history and associations

  • A joint venture between abrdn (Mauritius Holdings) 2006 Limited and HDFC lifetime Insurance Company Limited, abrdn (Mauritius Holdings) Ltd. is the largest investment company in the world.
  • HDFC has been in business since 2000, HDFC Life is a leading publicly listed provider of long term life insurance solutions in India.
  • It offers a variety of individual and group insurance solutions to meet the needs of its clients in the areas of protection, retirement, savings, investments, annuities and health.
  • HDFC has 383 branches and a wide reach thanks to new tie-ups and collaborations.
  • HDFC lifetime continues to benefit from its increased presence across the country.
  • HDFC distribution agreements number over 300 and include, among others, banks, NBFCs, MFIs, SFBs, brokers and new ecosystem partners. Financial advisors are in high demand in the business.

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