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Specific adult child care credits could be claimed by grandparents who cared for a parent’s children. These credits could enable them to increase their right to a state pension.

National Insurance credits can be claimed by grandparents or other family members who cared for a child under the age of 12.

This would usually be while their parent or primary guardian was working.

These credits are available from April 2011, the program launch date.

An application must be made to receive the credits.

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Specified Adult Childcare Credits work by transferring the National Insurance Credit that accompanies Child Benefit from the parent or caregiver to a family member who provided care .

Therefore, the parent or guardian must have claimed Child Benefit for there to be the ability to transfer the associated National Insurance credit through specified adult child care credits.


Certain criteria must be met to claim specified adult child care credits.

How to register

  • The specified adult child care credit application form requires:
  • The personal data of the applicant, i.e. the family member who took care of the child
  • Child’s contact details and custody periods
  • The personal details of the child’s parent or primary caregiver.

The child’s parent or primary guardian must accept the application by countersigning the form.


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