Ghana: You don’t need a lawyer to access your retirement benefits… Npraceo advises retirees


The Chief Executive (CEO) of the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), Mr Hayford Attah-Krufi, has said pensioners do not need lawyers to access their pension benefits after retirement.

He said the days of retirees struggling to access their benefits were over thanks to the electronic measures the Authority had put in place for all pension providers to track, especially Social Security and the Trust. national insurance.

Mr Attah-Krufi, who revealed this during an NPRA sensitization campaign in Oti region, lamented the practice whereby some pensioners chased their benefits for years and thus led a miserable life .

The awareness program aimed to encourage informal sector workers in the region to understand and appreciate the need to join and actively participate in pension schemes.

The week-long program saw pension forums in Kete-Krachi, Dambai and Nkwanta to educate workers in the informal sector.

The NPRA has also sensitized formal sector workers on pension issues that affect them and has also engaged women traders, drivers and other traders at markets and truck terminals.

Mr. Attah-Krufi said that when all the processes have been done well and on time, access to his retirement benefits should not be surrounded by any form of litigation or end up in court.

“After serving their country, no one needs to undergo any form of stress to receive what is due to them,” he noted.

Mr. Attah-Krufi advised employees to regularly update their records with pension service providers, particularly SSNIT, to facilitate the processing of their benefits.

He mentioned some of the causes of delays in processing pension benefits such as multiple birth dates, irregular contribution discrepancies and name changes and warned employees to check them before retirement.

He said the third tier pension scheme is designed to help workers in the informal sector to participate in pensions to enable them to avoid old age poverty, explaining that it is a voluntary scheme, funded entirely by members and a provident fund and a privately managed personal pension plan. which guaranteed retirement income security for all Ghanaians.

He observed that pensions were deep social interventions designed to provide social benefits and develop the human capital of informal sector workers, adding that the three-tier pension scheme served as a social safety net and protection.

The Oti Regional Minister, Dr Joshua Makubu, welcomed the efforts of the NPRA to bring pension issues closer to the people of the region.

He said it was time for all Ghanaian workers to have a pension plan regardless of the job they were doing.


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