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Unfortunately, it has been noticeable over the past couple of days that current Ibrox brand custodians continue to have luscious obedience from the local media.

Anyone landing on planet Fitba from another football galaxy wouldn’t know the Rangers (East 1872) were liquidated in 2012.

The sad truth is that whoever controls Ibrox’s home dressing room has the infallible services of the succulent media.

This is why there are always only good humored articles on Ibrox topics in the Scottish press.

Meanwhile, I’m told that all is not well with Sevco’s high command behind the scenes.

There have been ongoing conclaves over the petty issue of director compensation.

This is about the likely outcome of the Ashley litigation.

The good news is that, individually, the directors are indemnified against any action taken by His Sports Directness.

As discussed in worthy conclave, the rather less welcome news is that the premium for this indemnity insurance is quite high.

At least one senior member of Sevco’s high command has said the payouts are at such a pace because of the former president’s reckless malfeasance.

According to my information, the brothers discussed the possibility of contacting the Conveyancing Consigliere.

In all honesty, that would be a smart move.

Their hope is that the legal genius will propel the ex-President under the driving wheels of a public road vehicle.

I imagine Mr. k | ing doesn’t lose too much sleep over this possibility as he knows his contractor is also involved in the Ashley litigation.

It should be noted that although the current directors are not personally threatened by a bill stemming from the Sports Direct case, the current entity of Ibrox is unclear.

The only thing, at this point, for the judge to decide is how much Sevco owes Big Mike.

For the avoidance of doubt, it will be the engine room affiliate that will have to pay the many millions to Big Mike for the sale of Dave’s car boots.

The club itself is in the clear.

Nothing can happen to the club.

After all, 2012 proved it.

Is not it?


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