Canara HSBC Life Insurance concludes season 3 of “Depend on Insurance” with Neena Gupta


Canara HSBC Life Insurance recently concluded the third season of “Depend on Insurance”, with its fifth and final episode on the company’s social media platforms.

The new season centered around the “Life Lessons Learned From Parenthood” theme anchored by actor Neena Gupta.

Canara HSBC Life Insurance featured “Life Lessons from Cricket” hosted by Sanjay Manjrekar in Season 1 and “Life Lessons from the Battlefield” hosted by former Army Major Gaurav Arya in Season 2.

The third season had Neena Gupta share life experiences and tell stories that showed how parents are the strongest anchors and foundation in everyone’s life.

Through the campaign, Canara HSBC Life Insurance aims to reflect the similarity between our life support systems and our parents, whom we can rely on and trust. In the same vein, the series reinforces the positioning of Canara HSBC Life Insurance as a reliable insurance partner.

Conceptualized with content partner, the series featured five episodes around the theme “Life Lessons from Parenting”.

Gupta, the role model of a resilient single mother, explained that the most reliable and effective insurance for children are their parents.

The first episode with Neena Gupta walks through her life – from a role model to a resilient single mother and she also tells other inspiring stories about parenthood. She talks about the challenges she faced in her life and how her parents supported her, making her life easier and more memorable. She describes her strong bond she shared with her father and how he supported her through life’s challenges and adversities.

Gupta then explains how we knowingly or unknowingly depend on our parents, and there is a circle of reliability and trust between parents and their children. The video focuses on how parents always keep their promises and draws a comparison to highlight how parents are the most reliable and effective “insurance” for every child.

The second episode opened with Gupta telling a story of Chief Vikas Khanna. Khanna – a Michelin starred chef faced many challenges as a child. He struggled to walk until he was thirteen when he had leg fixation surgery when he was just a few days old because he had club feet. As a child, he was bullied a lot because of the same and his mother supported him saying that “he was born to steal”.

Khanna was extremely close to his mother since childhood and his mother was always a guide for him. The episode shows how his mother has been a guiding force for him all these years.

The third episode begins with her talking about transgender activist – Gauri Sawant. Born as Ganesh, she lost her mother at a very young age and was later raised by her grandparents. Ganesh soon left home and in his quest to find a true identity and free Ganesh from the shackles of conservative social constructs, Ganesh found solace in Gauri. It wasn’t about changing your name or donning a sari, but about feeling liberated as a woman. Not only did Gauri Sawant stand up for herself and her rights, but she played an exemplary role with other transpeople in the community. Later, she broke all stereotypes and adopted Gayatri. She has made significant changes in her personal life to ensure that she fulfills her maternal duties and meets Gayatri’s needs. Furthermore, she even filed a petition with the Supreme Court of India to allow the adoption of children for transgender people.

In the fourth episode, Gupta tells the story of a Special Olympic Gold Medalist – Ranveer Saini – who went through all the social stigmas and made his mark and got a place in the Limca record books. Struggling with autism since childhood, he struggled to socialize and be accepted by society. Her parents decided to take the lead and work to improve her future as they realized that grieving was not an option. Even though his life was full of difficult situations, with the strong support of his parents and his will to become better in life, he overcame all notions of society and made his parents proud.

The fifth episode opens with Neena Gupta sharing her fun journey of raising her daughter despite all the obstacles she faced, she not only cherished her daughter’s success but raised her to be independent and voluntary. From dealing with the societal taboos of being a single parent to dealing with life’s uncertainties, Gupta has seen it all.

She remembers the happiness she felt when she was pregnant with Masaba and the joy of having a life growing inside her made her forget all the problems she might have been facing. She tells how they started Masaba’s clothing business, “House Of Masaba”, in their own home and how, with endless support, zeal and enthusiasm, they were able to help each other and succeed. She shares parenting tips during the episode and also mentions that even on the days when you feel stuck, there will always be a ray of sunshine that will be there to support you in your dark times.

Anuj Mathur, MD and CEO of Canara HSBC Life Insurance, said: “We launched the ‘Depend on Insurance’ campaign three years ago with a very successful series on ‘Life Lessons from Cricket’ and ‘Life Lessons from Battlefield’. who brought home the message about the importance of reliability in times of uncertainty. And this year, we are proud to convey the same message through the incredible stories of Indian personalities and show the trust and reliability they share with their parents.”

Tarannum Hasib, Distribution Director, Canara HSBC Life Insurance, added: “In our latest season of Depend on Insurance, we emphasized that no relationship is as pure and trustworthy as the one we or anyone else has. who else in the world we share with our parents. The best part about the third series is that each video tells a wonderful story of resilience shown by different personalities and their parents. We are delighted with the response to the series and will continue to create content that resonates with our target audience in an engaging way, Neena Gupta as the face of our campaign certainly defines dependability and resilience as a single parent.

The campaign highlights how much we all need #PromisesKaPartner in our lives. Each week, the company released a new episode around the theme that captured real-life stories from well-established personalities.

The series showed the vitality of having a life insurance policy and Gupta shared anecdotes about her support system or the reliable anchors that helped her through life’s challenges over the years. He was inspired by the fact that despite high tides, stormy nights or choppy waters, we all have an anchor that keeps us safe.


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