Beyond compensation payments, this workers’ compensation insurer is doubling down on philanthropy


Initiatives the insurance provider is involved in range from supporting Kids’ Chance of America to providing meals as part of a COVID-19 relief effort.

Most of us are no strangers to the world of philanthropy.

We have been asked to lend our time and financial support to various charitable causes. We are often asked by groups to help fight various diseases, build new buildings or save the rainforest. And for many causes, business professionals are the backbone of these efforts, participating in philanthropic initiatives and nonprofit efforts that impact those in need in the United States and across the country. -of the.

In addition to providing workers’ compensation and commercial property and casualty insurance solutions, CopperPoint Insurance Companiesprovides support for a number of philanthropic and community service efforts.

Priority to philanthropy

CopperPoint started out as a state fund in Arizona. After transitioning to a private company in 2013, it expanded its footprint and product offerings and now offers workers’ compensation and property and commercial accident coverage in a growing number of states.

While the company has long served agents, brokers and clients, it considers donations from its community to be just as important.

According to Paula Bommarito, AVP, Community Strategy, community giving has always been a priority at CopperPoint.

“With the support of our Board of Directors, CopperPoint supports the communities of our growing Western footprint through corporate, regional/local and agency partnership programs,” Bommarito said. “We believe making a difference in the neighborhoods where we live and work is our greatest impact.”

CopperPoint’s strategy focuses on three key areas: healthy families, a thriving workforce, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

“It’s our passion. Because at the heart of everything we do are the people we serve,” Bommarito said. And while the company itself views philanthropy and giving back to others as a primary goal, it is CopperPoint employees who personally volunteer their time and talents to help others.

As Bommarito explains, community engagement is strongly supported by CopperPoint CEO Marc Schmittlein, who understands and accepts that the spirit of giving starts at the top. With her support, CopperPoint donates more than $1.6 million annually. This is done in a variety of ways, one example being quarterly campaigns.

Through these campaigns, CopperPoint makes a donation on behalf of employees for participating in a “challenge” or event. Employees also make donations (which CopperPoint matches). Employees also participate in activities such as filling backpacks with supplies for local schools and assembling kindness kits for the homeless population.

It’s in the numbers

The company’s largest annual campaign supports United Way. In 2021, CopperPoint supported more than 132 regional United Way sites and nonprofits with more than 300 employer-matched gifts totaling more than $308,000.

“CopperPoint has helped millions of people and donated millions of dollars over the years,” Bommarito said. “As an example, last year we provided over 1,000,000 meals as part of our COVID relief effort and that was only a small portion of our annual effort.”

In addition, the company has placed six leaders on Kids’ Chance of America boards in various states. Specifically, the company’s support of Kids’ Chance of America provides educational opportunities and scholarships for the children of workers who are seriously or fatally injured on the job, enabling students to pursue their dreams and ease the financial burden of their families.

The scope of CopperPoint’s philanthropic activity is driven by the employee’s determination to help others in need whenever they can.

“Our employees care about the people we serve and having the opportunity to collaboratively serve those in need creates a remarkable bond within teams,” Bommarito said.

“During our ‘Kindness Kits’ campaign for the homeless, several employees shared that assembling the kits with their families has become a family tradition of giving back,” she said.

“During our Leukemia & Lymphona Society campaign, an employee whose family member is suffering from blood cancer shared how her mother cried when she heard we were continuing to help efforts towards a cure. .”

CopperPoint encourages businesses to get involved in charities focused on their communities. Partnering with local charities provides opportunities to donate time as well as money.

This involves listening to where and how employees want to give their time and resources.

“It’s about collaboration and teamwork and there’s no better way to start than asking someone for their opinion,” Bommarito said. “We are always researching, actively listening and developing strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of our communities.” &

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