5 advantages of group health insurance for employees


You no longer talk to insurers but to your HR to manage your claims and policies. All you need to do while in hospital is to let your HR team know and they will make sure you get the full care and support mentioned in your policy.

There were nearly 30,825 health insurance complaints in the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

At a time when the healthcare industry is largely private, the above figure gives us no clue to buying a health insurance policy. But when it’s offered as a workplace benefit, people tend to recognize it and take it with both hands.

Sanchit Malik, co-founder and CEO of Pazcare, says: “You no longer talk to insurers, but to your HR to manage your claims and your policies. While you are hospitalized, all you need to do is let your HR team know and they will make sure you get the full care and support mentioned in your policy.

In addition, there are many other benefits when you purchase group health insurance from your employers.

Here is how you can benefit from your health insurance policy;

  • Low cost – Group health plans are generally less expensive than individual retail plans – the reason is that the premium amount is shared among the employees.
  • Family Coverage – In a normal scenario, Malik points out, “policies need to be purchased individually for all family members. But with group health insurance, you can choose to include whoever you want with you. The same experience is guaranteed for everyone.
  • Claim Easy – While in hospital, instead of running around health insurance providers, you can just let your HR team know and they’ll make sure your claims are dealt with. With group health insurance policies, one can also go cashless all the time.
  • Detailed Coverage Information – No more skimming and trying to understand legal documents. Malik said: “The group health insurance partners will explain the inclusions and exclusions in simpler terms and help you better prepare for any treatment. “
  • Ability to add flexible benefits – In addition to your group insurance policy, you can add additional benefits as and when you want. You can either increase the sum insured or cover additional members and this will stay with you even if you leave your current business.

With group insurance policies, according to Pazcare’s Malik, it’s important to add and cover parents – the employer may be able to partially sponsor while the primary responsibility lies with the employee. For spouses, however, coverage is almost by default and is provided by the employer.

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